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“Kate’s gentle, relaxed manner made our shoot a total pleasure. She coaxed my bickering kids into moments of lovely affection, wrangled the hyper family dog into the mix and guided all of us with assurance and calm. And the photos themselves were beyond our expectations  — natural, spontaneous, luminous and funny. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and the beautiful results!”

“Kate, we cannot get over how gorgeous the images are – there are so many beautiful shots. They are definitely the best photos we’ve had taken. Thanks again a million times!”

“After years of not being able to get a decent picture of our 3 boys, we finally decided to go for a professional photo shoot in hopes of getting a good family photo. It turns out it was the best decision we ever made in that regard! Kate has a wonderful talent to capture everyone’s personality in her shots and to show everyone in their best light. She was incredibly thoughtful and helpful in guiding us through the preparations for our time together and provided specific pointers for outfits, color choices, settings etc. She suggested a family activity and offered specific ideas for natural places for outdoor fun. She even scoped out different places and sent us sample pictures of possible settings in advance. I did not expect this, but it really helped to prepare for our actual time together.

We then had a fabulous afternoon photo shoot. Kate really has such a wonderful talent of capturing natural moments and interactions on film. To create a fun family experience, she suggested going for a hike, which was great because it allowed my kids to just be themselves and interact in Nature the way they usually do. Kate’s ability to get each of them, and all of us together, in our best light was astounding!! The hot chocolate “picnic” she prepared for us was a fitting ending to such a successful afternoon. Thank you, Kate! We could not be more pleased.”


mother/child | Kate Albright Photo

“Kate has a unique gift at finding and capturing the beauty, love, and vibrant life in each moment and in each person.”

portrait | Kate Albright Photo

“Kate captures the atmosphere and lighting of a space, as well as the character and emotion of human connections. Her photos are well-balanced pieces of art that frame humanity, beauty, and specific fleeting moments perfectly.”